End of the year Blues


The last few months have been interesting on a personal level.  A few ups and downs for sure. Recently it dawn on me that I was feeling quite blue (yes like depressed) and I couldn’t pin point why.

I could blame it on hormones for sure but as I kept thinking about this time of the year I realized it could be an acute case of the End of the year blues!

For some reason in the past I’ve been prone to make a new years resolution list.. OH YES the dreaded list.  And things have been so different as what I envisioned for me at this time of my life that I realized

Why are you keeping score?

So my research started and I found a great article that I will quote from below called:  New Year’s Blues – Does the end of the year get you down?

“The media goes over and over what happened this year,” she says. So it’s understandable, to some degree, that many of us do, too.

Soon after the year-in-review shows comes talk about New Year’s resolutions— and any talk about making resolutions invariably means focusing on your shortcomings, says Edward Abramson, PhD, professor of psychology emeritus at California State University Chico and author of Body Intelligence and Emotional Eating.

In her research, Nolen-Hoeksema has focused on “ruminators.” She describes ruminators as those who go over and over their problems, either in their own mind or by discussing them with others, but have no clear plan to solve the issues. She has found:

  • Those who ruminate also tend to have negative coping styles, criticize themselves unduly and be pessimistic. Ruminating and depression often go hand-in-hand.
  • Recognizing when to stop ruminating is crucial. “Everyone ruminates some,” she says. The real difficulty arises, she says, when you realize all the thinking and rethinking about a problem or issue is not getting you anywhere or is making you feel worse — and still, you can’t quit. “People who get stuck in rumination think there is going to be insight by keeping on thinking about it,” she says. “They may have more trouble [than others] shifting their attention [to other topics].”
  • Depression can make ruminating worse. If you are already in a depressed mood and get started on a rumination cycle, you’ll tend to focus on the worst aspects of a problem, she says. “Rumination and depression are a toxic mix.” The rumination feeds the depression and vice versa. The process is so reciprocal, says Nolen-Hoeksema, that it’s difficult to identify sometimes which started it all.

How to get out of the Blue mind stage:

  • Anticipate. If you’ve been in this ruminating route before, make a plan to minimize it this year –before the end of the year arrives.
  • Ask why, not “Why me?” When the rumination starts to surface, don’t dwell on your shortcomings. Instead, think a bit about why some things you wanted to happen this year didn’t.
  • Shift into action. Instead of moaning or moping, ask yourself: “What is a small thing I can do to change the situation?”
  • Get active or distract yourself. When you fall back into the ruminating habit, walk around the block, go to the gym, or head for the mall. Physical activity works, Nolen-Hoeksema says. “Within 10 minutes you are feeling better,” she says. “It’s hard to ruminate and shift to action at the same time.” Distraction works, too, she has found in her studies. When she asked some ruminators to think about something else other than the problem, they weren’t as adept later at recalling negative events as those who weren’t distracted from their ruminating.
  • Be specific. If you decide to make a New Year’s resolution, be reasonable and decide exactly what you will do, Abramson says. “Not a global resolution about making yourself a wonderful person,” he says. Instead: “I won’t yell at the kids.” Or, instead of “I will lose 20 pounds,” try: “When I know they are having doughnuts at work, I will bring fruit instead.”
  • Examine your expectations. Decide if they are realistic. If they aren’t, that doesn’t mean giving up on the goal, says Abramson. Instead, break it into multiple steps.”

Basically then my self diagnosis based on my best therapist advice “Doctor Google” is that I have a case of “ruminating” I wouldn’t say I am totally depressed.  Actually I know I am not … In Spanish my diagnosis would be a case of FLOJERITIS meaning Mental Laziness.  I am tired of thinking and without the drive to actually get up and get something done.

I did encounter a feeling of joy when I read the phrase:

Head to the Mall!!

My husband’s wallet won’t think the same but I believe the Dr. just ordered a big dose of SHOPPING for me

See ya later

Are emotions and aches related?

Nineteen years ago I was an LDS missionary in South Texas.  I was twenty one and full of desire to go out and serve.  Two months into my mission after quite a few visits and different symptoms, going back and forth and taking LOT’s of medication I was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis.   In a few days I was on plane back home to recover.  To make a long story short I made my way back to McAllen and I kept serving but I was not stranger to illness the rest of the eighteen months.

On an interview with my mission president he said the following:



I admit it took me a while to understand what he meant.  I was upset.  Did he think I was making things up?  It was not until years later that I understood and learned more about what he meant.

Research shows that the link between emotions and illness is real and time has shown me how true those words where.

A study by Finnish researchers back in 2013 in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, suggests that our emotions do indeed tend to influence our bodies in consistent ways.

Across five experiments, 701 participants “were shown two silhouettes of bodies alongside emotional words, stories, movies, or facial expressions. They were asked to color the bodily regions whose activity they felt increasing or decreasing while viewing each stimulus.”

The emotions were generated by having the subjects read short stories or watch movies. On a blank, computerized figurine, they were then asked to color in the areas of their body where sensations became stronger (the red and yellow) or weaker (blue and black) when they felt a certain way.

The mapping exercise produced what you might expect: an angry hot-head, a happy person lighting up all the way through their fingers and toes, a depressed figurine that was literally blue (meaning they felt little sensation in their limbs). Almost all of the emotions generated changes in the head area, suggesting smiling, frowning, or skin temperature changes, while feelings like joy and anger saw upticks in the limbs—perhaps because you’re ready to hug, or punch, your interlocutor. Meanwhile, “sensations in the digestive system and around the throat region were mainly found in disgust,” the authors wrote. It’s worth noting that the bodily sensations weren’t blood flow, heat, or anything else that could be measured objectively—they were based solely on physical twinges subjects said they experienced.

The correlations between the subjects’ different body maps were strong—above .71 for each of the different stimuli (words, stories, and movies). Speakers of Taiwanese, Finnish, and Swedish drew similar body maps, suggesting that the sensations are not limited to a given language.

So what are we seeing in these illustrations? The authors note that, measured physiologically, most feelings only cause a minor change in heart rate or skin temperature—our torsos don’t literally get hot with surprise.

Instead, the results likely reveal subjective perceptions about the impact of our mental states on the body, a combination of muscle and visceral reactions and nervous system responses that we can’t easily differentiate. Feeling jealous may not truly make us red in the face, for example, but we certainly might feel like it does.

Going back to my missionary days, the times that I felt better is when I was busy working and being happy.  When I let anxiety, depression or fear win I would feel sick.  It has been true most of my adult life but I always ask myself…

Is it all in my head?


Is your gluteus… too maximus??

As promised we will be featuring in our Health Tips DFW Facebook page content that will help us.  The following is a guide to Eating Better so you can Feel Better from TCR Chiropractic & Massage in Trophy Club TX.

Why Nutrition Matters

It’s not a secret that achieving good health requires eating a healthy diet.  You know what they say “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.  It might sound cliche, but there is more truth to it than people realize.  Here’s why…

The average adult human body has 37 trillion cells, and those cells are completely replaced every 3-7 years.  That means that your body replaces approximately 14.5 billion cells EVERY DAY. The raw material needed to replace those cells comes from food.  That is why good nutrition is not only important, but it is ESSENTIAL!

Where Do I Start?

Proper nutrition starts with eating REAL FOOD – Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, dairy and so forth.  As author Michael Pollan says:

“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food”

That means staying away from refined and significantly processed foods.  The majority of calories consumed in America are carbohydrates.  The over consumption of junk carbohydrates is the leading cause of obesity and weight related problems.


Why Supplements?

Supplements exist to enhance or add value to your diet.  They are not designed to replace REAL FOOD.   Supplements are helpful to fill holes in our diet due to eating constraints, palette restrictions and to boost performance.

  • Eating Constraints – It can be hard to keep fresh food around if you don’t have a refrigerator available throughout your day.  Perhaps your work/life schedule keeps you busy or away from home and you can’t bring an adequate amount of food for your day.  In this case a protein bar, meal replacement bar or shake may come in  handy to keep you fed and supplied with the proper nutrition.
  • Palette Restrictions- Do your taste buds leave a gap in your diet when it comes to eating healthy? For example, it’s hard to get enough omega-3 in your diet if you don’t like eating fish.  Essential vitamins and minerals can be left out simple because you don’t enjoy the foods that contain them.  Supplements are helpful to overcome these types of deficiencies.
  • Boosting Performance – chances are you’re not eating enough protein to optimally recover your exercise regimen.  Did you know that cross country runners need as much protein as football players?

Recommendations for active populations range from:

1-2 grams of protein per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight.

Recommendations for body builders and weightlifters range from 

1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

We recommend ADVOCARE supplements 

Why Advocare?

SAFETY and RELIABILITY are my main criteria when recommending supplements.  That is why our office recommends Advocare products.  AdvoCare stands behind their products 100% and they are guaranteed free of any harmful, unregulated or banned substances.  Professional and Olympic athletes choose AdvoCare because they know they are getting high quality products that will not violate anti-doping standards.

They provide products for:

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Weigh Loss
  3. Exercise Enhancement

Advocare Distributor # 15108236



Dr. Aaron Young and his wife Jacqueline Young BS, LMT recognize the importance of good health and nutrition.  You can have fame, fortune, fancy cars and beautiful possessions…but without your health you won’t be able to enjoy any of it.  We choose to focus on what matters most in life – our family, our friends and our faith.  We have dedicated our life’s work towards helping people overcome their challenges because everyone deserves to be healthy and happy!

NOW OPEN! Call (682) 831-1951 or e-mail tcr-chiropractictcrchiro@gmail.com for an appointment. You can also visit our website at www.tcrchiro.com
Relax… We’ve Got Your Back.

I Secretly Love that My Baby Cries When Others Hold Her

pablo (1)

My baby girl is five months old.  She is my fourth child, and I am a 40 year old mother.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t want her to cry all the time but after having my first three kids in my twenties this older and wiser mommy knows she will stop doing it eventually.  She will stop wanting to be in my lap all day, and sleep next to me.  She will stop crying and stay at school with other little friends while my heart breaks and the minutes seem like hours till its time to pick her up.  She will actually be excited to have a sleep over at her BFF house.  She will spend more time caressing her cell phone than giving me a hug. She will find the perfect man like I did and forget to call Mom for days, weeks and I regretfully I know for a fact that it could be months.

Research and experts call it separation anxiety or stranger anxiety. I call it MY TIME and enjoy it.  I smile when someone asks to hold her and she cries.  The other day we went on our daily walk.  She was in her stroller looking at me and at the world around her, happy, giggling, being her sweet little self.  An older lady stopped next to us and asked to see her and how old she was.  She was loud, she was a stranger and as soon as she got closer a loud scream was heard and little legs started kicking fast.  The lady backed out immediately and told me …. your child is “Huraña” the spanish word for shy, hermit -like, you need to take her out more often.  My reaction…. A BIG HUGE SMILE!!

I don’t want her to be called names but hey she will grow up too soon and be part of a society and community where it is nice to greet strangers while you walk.  To smile and in some instances chat to make someone’s day.   One day she will go out for eighteen months like her Mom and Dad did and share a message of hope and talk to all the strangers she can during the day.

Now it’s MY TIME, for her to take her naps in my lap while I work.  To sleep next to me during the night.  To breastfeed whenever she likes.  So don’t get upset if you ask to hold her and she cries.  She doesn’t do it all the time.  But she does.  If you want to hold her is because you are my friend. You will be around to see her grown up and who knows she might want to go over to your house every Sunday after church, until you have to help her understand Sunday is a good day to be with the family too.

+Karla Arostegui

“Health” Foods to Never Eat


I’m often amazed (and disgusted) at what the food industry is allowed to get away with.
And today I want to blow the whistle on 4 supposedly healthy foods that I would recommend
you avoid. Let’s get right into it.
1. Unfermented Soy
Soy is one of the highest plant sources of protein but that’s about all it’s got going for it, especially unfermented soy. 
The problem with soy boils down to the fact that it is a very powerful source of phytoestrogens, which elevate the estrogen levels in your body.  This is a big problem nowadays as we are seeing more and more people develop “estrogen dominance”
related problems like endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and general weight gain – just to name a
Since estrogen promotes cell division/growth it is also a stimulating factor in the development of many types of cancer. Not great if you ask me.   The other issue with soy is that it suppresses your thyroid. These “goitrogenic” properties reduce your thyroid function and thus your overall metabolism.
Since the thyroid is the master gland of metabolism, any disruption to it will inevitably cause you to pack on the pounds. This is a common issue in those with hypothyroidism.
On the flip side, fermented soy products like tempeh and miso are OK to eat and are actually
really good for you. But it’s the processed, unfermented versions of soy (tofu, soy milk,
etc…) that are the big problem.
2. “Low-Fat”, “Low-Sugar”, “Diet”
In general, I recommend that you steer clear of packaged foods. Mainly because they are made by companies that have no interest in your health.
Case in point – any packaged food that is labelled “low fat”, “low sugar”, “diet”, or any other
marker of processing.
Remember this – when a food has had ALL or SOME of its original contents removed, they will need be replaced by another (and usually nastier) additive.
For instance, “sugar free” yogurt and diet sodas may have few calories because they don’t have any sugar but they do have a ton of aspartame and acesulfame K – TWO deadly neurotoxins that account for over 75% of ALL health complaints that the FDA receives!!!
If you’re going to eat something out of a packageor box, make sure it’s REGULAR. End of story.
3. Whole Grains
This is one of the biggest farces of our time.  We’ve been told to eat whole grains because they are good for us. They are great source of fiber and other vitamins.
Bull….(you know the rest)
Here’s the problem….
Humans have not evolved to properly digest grains.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking white pasta, whole wheat or multigrain bread, or cheerios…
Our digestive tract does not know how to handle grains. Sure some cultures may fair better than others but isn’t it interesting that MOST weight loss diets tell you to avoid grains???
Other than helping you lose weight quickly, removing grains will also reduce the irritation
and thus potential inflammation caused by gluten (a problematic protein found in grains).
Some pseudograins like quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat are much better for human
consumption but other than that I would pass on the bread and pasta if I were you.
I guarantee doing that alone will revitalize your health, improve your skin, and help you lose
weight effortlessly.  And there are more details about glutenous grains on page 52 of the Food Guide in our Total Wellness Cleanse. 
4. Egg Whites
Why do people fear egg yolk?
That’s where the major nutritional value of an egg resides. The egg white is simply protein – that’s it. 
But for some reason, we’ve been “taught” by I don’t who that egg yolks raise the cholesterol in
our blood. Again, nonsense!
The reality about heart disease and cholesterol is that it’s free flowing acids in our blood and free radicals that “scar” our arteries. As a repair mechanism, our liver secretes cholesterol to patch up the damage – kind of like healing a cut on your skin.
Eggs have nothing to do with that!
If you want to lower your cholesterol, stop eating sugar and garbage foods!
If you want to eat eggs, then make sure to eat the WHOLE egg – the way it is was meant to be eaten.  When the yolk and white are eaten together, the entire and its nutrients are better absorbed because all the nutrients are working synergistically.
It’s the 1st LAW of nutrition – eat whole foods!!!!
If you’ve enjoyed this information then you’ll love the Total Wellness Cleanse.
Not only is the cleanse chock full of whole food recipes and meal plans that will nourish and
cleanse your body, but you’ll also LEARN more about nutrition than most doctors do in 4 years of medical school!
For instance, on page 25 of the “Food Guide”, you’ll discover the 8 foods that you must avoid if you want to lose weight and better your health.  You’ll be surprised by at least 3 of them!
On pages 3-24 of the “Food Guide”, you’ll discover the exact foods we prescribe for cleansing your body and living with ultimate health.
This is the nutrition program to END all nutrition programs. After going through our program you will never have to pick up another diet book!
You’ll have what works and you’ll have all the information you could possibly need about how your body works and which foods work best for you.
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I’m going to make 2013 my Healthy Year are you?

Get started with the Total Wellness Cleanse TODAY! Click Here<—————$300 OFF

Opportunity to Donate $1 with One Click

Opportunity to Donate $1 with One Click

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A life without Voting – Globalization Hits Home


I’ve lived in different countries and held residency status without being able to exercise my voice and vote for President or any other vote for that matter.

Now I’m back living in my birth country and guess what….I didn’t vote.  Not that I didn’t want to, in fact I need the voting Identification for legal purposes … but because it was election time, I couldn’t get it before election day.  One more time I sat watching while others did it.

Now I ask myself, am I missing anything?  Today as many of my friends and family feel frustrated and a bit scared may I add.   I wonder if my sense of globalization is not better.  Because I’ve lived in different countries, I can honestly say that I keep the best from them and leave behind what I didn’t like.

I do admit that bad government decisions have personally hit me, we were part of Uruguay’s financial ordeal back in the year 2000.  I watched as many where affected by a left government, while many people where “assisted” sponsored by us middle class and upper class workers.

So what happens to me here in Mexico?  Do I keep living with my globalized mentality of being here but without participating in the government process?.  Does that take responsibility away from me in case things go downward from now on?

I wonder if other people that chose not to vote understand that to us “outsiders” it is hard to live here and know we could of made a difference but couldn’t.

To tell you the truth I have no idea if I should be happy or sad, I don’t know if I should begin to worry about my kids future or not.  I heard their propositions, I didn’t understand them.  Did anyone understand them?  It seems that I will be able to vote here in Mexico in 6 years.  I don’t know if I’ll be here..  I could go back to Uruguay and vote in 2 and a half years… should I?

Will Moving Refresh My Creativity?

We are on the countdown to move from South America back North.  I’ve got to admit that writing has become quite difficult the last few days with all the mind filling thoughts of the move popping up every other second.  What took me a matter of minutes or even a full hour has become a tremendous effort to do this last few days. 

So I wonder if when we get to our destination will my creativity will go back to normal or if I will be distracted with so many new emotions, colors, flavors and such?  Deep inside I feel the change will be for good and it will flourish creativity to its fullest. 

Changes are always good and specially when it comes to creating content and putting old ideas into new words.  The question of how do I write about the same subject over and over is always asked and that is the beauty of content.  Finding the right balance between the old and the new to keep readers and get new ones.

I’ve got to admit I am looking forward to new scenery in all aspects, but also looking forward to setting up my work and writing routine once and for all.  That though just makes me realize I’ve matured so much when it comes to my experience in writing and content making.

Will keep you updated on my creativity changes that’s for sure!ImageOur last Sunday in Uruguay @ the Buceo Port, Montevideo


Discovering the Blogging Power of my iPad

Trying to pin point the exact date when I entered the blogging world, I realized how much has changed since. Less than 5 years ago it seemed you needed to know tons about the online world to venture into being a content generator.

Now as I sit in a shopping mall with a crowd of people passing every minute. The thought of how technology has empowered blogging from just about anywhere and by many ways just amazes me even more. Like I said using an iPad allows me to be part of two things I love….writing and shopping!

Back in the day.. Ok a few years back.. I used to carry a notebook and a pen and jot down ideas or even write full paragraphs while doing daily activities, such as waiting in line, at a doctors waiting room, sports games etc.

But that practice though helpful in some ways was frustrating. Yes because I couldn’t finish the creative moment, or when I sat down in front of my laptop the copying would include self editing and even complete annulation of the idea .

As I write a young toddler is staring at me with the most interest asking his mom why I keep “hitting” the little TV. And it makes me go back to the thought ..how wonderful it is to write outside the comfort of the office. It is good to look at people some rushing to get things completed and others laid back and calm all the time.

I love my iPad that is the truth…