Will Moving Refresh My Creativity?

We are on the countdown to move from South America back North.  I’ve got to admit that writing has become quite difficult the last few days with all the mind filling thoughts of the move popping up every other second.  What took me a matter of minutes or even a full hour has become a tremendous effort to do this last few days. 

So I wonder if when we get to our destination will my creativity will go back to normal or if I will be distracted with so many new emotions, colors, flavors and such?  Deep inside I feel the change will be for good and it will flourish creativity to its fullest. 

Changes are always good and specially when it comes to creating content and putting old ideas into new words.  The question of how do I write about the same subject over and over is always asked and that is the beauty of content.  Finding the right balance between the old and the new to keep readers and get new ones.

I’ve got to admit I am looking forward to new scenery in all aspects, but also looking forward to setting up my work and writing routine once and for all.  That though just makes me realize I’ve matured so much when it comes to my experience in writing and content making.

Will keep you updated on my creativity changes that’s for sure!ImageOur last Sunday in Uruguay @ the Buceo Port, Montevideo


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