“Health” Foods to Never Eat


I’m often amazed (and disgusted) at what the food industry is allowed to get away with.
And today I want to blow the whistle on 4 supposedly healthy foods that I would recommend
you avoid. Let’s get right into it.
1. Unfermented Soy
Soy is one of the highest plant sources of protein but that’s about all it’s got going for it, especially unfermented soy. 
The problem with soy boils down to the fact that it is a very powerful source of phytoestrogens, which elevate the estrogen levels in your body.  This is a big problem nowadays as we are seeing more and more people develop “estrogen dominance”
related problems like endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and general weight gain – just to name a
Since estrogen promotes cell division/growth it is also a stimulating factor in the development of many types of cancer. Not great if you ask me.   The other issue with soy is that it suppresses your thyroid. These “goitrogenic” properties reduce your thyroid function and thus your overall metabolism.
Since the thyroid is the master gland of metabolism, any disruption to it will inevitably cause you to pack on the pounds. This is a common issue in those with hypothyroidism.
On the flip side, fermented soy products like tempeh and miso are OK to eat and are actually
really good for you. But it’s the processed, unfermented versions of soy (tofu, soy milk,
etc…) that are the big problem.
2. “Low-Fat”, “Low-Sugar”, “Diet”
In general, I recommend that you steer clear of packaged foods. Mainly because they are made by companies that have no interest in your health.
Case in point – any packaged food that is labelled “low fat”, “low sugar”, “diet”, or any other
marker of processing.
Remember this – when a food has had ALL or SOME of its original contents removed, they will need be replaced by another (and usually nastier) additive.
For instance, “sugar free” yogurt and diet sodas may have few calories because they don’t have any sugar but they do have a ton of aspartame and acesulfame K – TWO deadly neurotoxins that account for over 75% of ALL health complaints that the FDA receives!!!
If you’re going to eat something out of a packageor box, make sure it’s REGULAR. End of story.
3. Whole Grains
This is one of the biggest farces of our time.  We’ve been told to eat whole grains because they are good for us. They are great source of fiber and other vitamins.
Bull….(you know the rest)
Here’s the problem….
Humans have not evolved to properly digest grains.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking white pasta, whole wheat or multigrain bread, or cheerios…
Our digestive tract does not know how to handle grains. Sure some cultures may fair better than others but isn’t it interesting that MOST weight loss diets tell you to avoid grains???
Other than helping you lose weight quickly, removing grains will also reduce the irritation
and thus potential inflammation caused by gluten (a problematic protein found in grains).
Some pseudograins like quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat are much better for human
consumption but other than that I would pass on the bread and pasta if I were you.
I guarantee doing that alone will revitalize your health, improve your skin, and help you lose
weight effortlessly.  And there are more details about glutenous grains on page 52 of the Food Guide in our Total Wellness Cleanse. 
4. Egg Whites
Why do people fear egg yolk?
That’s where the major nutritional value of an egg resides. The egg white is simply protein – that’s it. 
But for some reason, we’ve been “taught” by I don’t who that egg yolks raise the cholesterol in
our blood. Again, nonsense!
The reality about heart disease and cholesterol is that it’s free flowing acids in our blood and free radicals that “scar” our arteries. As a repair mechanism, our liver secretes cholesterol to patch up the damage – kind of like healing a cut on your skin.
Eggs have nothing to do with that!
If you want to lower your cholesterol, stop eating sugar and garbage foods!
If you want to eat eggs, then make sure to eat the WHOLE egg – the way it is was meant to be eaten.  When the yolk and white are eaten together, the entire and its nutrients are better absorbed because all the nutrients are working synergistically.
It’s the 1st LAW of nutrition – eat whole foods!!!!
If you’ve enjoyed this information then you’ll love the Total Wellness Cleanse.
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cleanse your body, but you’ll also LEARN more about nutrition than most doctors do in 4 years of medical school!
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This is the nutrition program to END all nutrition programs. After going through our program you will never have to pick up another diet book!
You’ll have what works and you’ll have all the information you could possibly need about how your body works and which foods work best for you.
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