Discovering the Blogging Power of my iPad

Trying to pin point the exact date when I entered the blogging world, I realized how much has changed since. Less than 5 years ago it seemed you needed to know tons about the online world to venture into being a content generator.

Now as I sit in a shopping mall with a crowd of people passing every minute. The thought of how technology has empowered blogging from just about anywhere and by many ways just amazes me even more. Like I said using an iPad allows me to be part of two things I love….writing and shopping!

Back in the day.. Ok a few years back.. I used to carry a notebook and a pen and jot down ideas or even write full paragraphs while doing daily activities, such as waiting in line, at a doctors waiting room, sports games etc.

But that practice though helpful in some ways was frustrating. Yes because I couldn’t finish the creative moment, or when I sat down in front of my laptop the copying would include self editing and even complete annulation of the idea .

As I write a young toddler is staring at me with the most interest asking his mom why I keep “hitting” the little TV. And it makes me go back to the thought wonderful it is to write outside the comfort of the office. It is good to look at people some rushing to get things completed and others laid back and calm all the time.

I love my iPad that is the truth…

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